Why does my App account bind with Alexa skill successfully but failed to Google?

1. Please confirm whether it is caused by the network or the agent. It is recommended that you see if there are prompts like “can't update setting, check your connection” on the Google Action screen. If you cannot connect because of the network, In the return to the assistant interface, there will be a loaded circle, and the device list will be displayed after loading.

2. If it is determined that the action of the network and agent fails to be bound, verify that the account to be bound is the same App and account. Check if there is an online device bound to the account and if the device appears. Offline situation? If there is no online device, you only need to add a good device and keep it online.

3. If there is a device under the App account and it is online, the Action cannot be bound. Please confirm whether the device under the account has been enabled by google's speaker function.

4. After the above problems are solved, the problem still cannot be solved. Please provide relevant information (google account, app name, app account, app password, binding action name, device ID, approximate time of occurrence) to us. We will be sincere at your service.