Why can't the Amazon Echo speaker search for new devices?

To use the Amazon Echo speaker to search for new devices, ensure that the following conditions are met:

1、Ensure that the voice speaker has been successfully bound;

2、The app account bound in the Amazon Echo speaker is the same as that used to control devices.

3、Devices are online. The Amazon Echo speaker cannot search for offline devices;

4、Ensure that the device supports Alexa;

5、The device name should not be too complicated or too simple (plug, light), it is recommended to be named according to the room name + device name, such as: bedroom plug;

6、May be the network is not good, Alexa need to try several times to discover the device, if it is still can be found, you can try to modify the device name;

If the Amazon Echo speaker cannot search for devices after the preceding conditions are met, you are advised use the web-based Amazon Alexa to configure the Amazon Echo speaker. It also supports voice control. The Amazon Alexa app is unstable in some regions.