What should I do if the app fails to control the device?

In the situation where the device is normally powered, the sudden failure of app control may be caused due to network reasons or the device is offline.

It is recommended that you keep the app open and wait for about 3 minutes, then check if the device is still normally online;

1. If you find that the device is offline, you can follow: The device has been added successfully, but it is suddenly displayed “offline” to troubleshoot the reason.

2. If the device is still online, place your phone next to the device, then connect to the same Wi-Fi, and try to open the web page to see if it is smooth to determine the network status.

If the device is online and the network is good, but the app still can't control the device, please provide the login account and device ID to us. We will submit to the technicians to find the reason. The channels to provide are as follows:

Contact online customer service and provide your information;

Select your device in app user feedback, and submit your feedback;