What is the reason that Trigger does not trigger in IFTTT?

Does the IFTTT device not execute the action after binding the trigger?
It is recommended to check it in the following aspects:

1. Check more pages of the device to see whether IFTTT is supported;

2. Check whether the trigger conditions are set correctly. For example, if a lamp is registered to an action or a trigger for a lock, it can't be triggered;

3. Check whether the device is offline because it cannot be triggered offline;

4. Check whether corresponding functions are enabled for the device. For example, register the trigger of camera motion detection and decibel detection, provided that the camera motion detection and decibel detection functions have been enabled.

5. Please confirm whether the app environment bound by the service and the physical device used by IFTTT is consistent, that is, are they both the same production environment? Different environments cannot be implemented.

6. IFTTT event triggering usually takes from a few seconds to a few minutes. Sometimes, a service or network problem might prevent requests from being received for a short time. It is recommended to wait patiently for a while, as this is not an immediate response. You can also check whether the trigger event takes effect by clicking the button "check now".

7. Please confirm whether "that" (the device or the other) has already implemented corresponding operations and has been manually modified. IFTTT will continue to call our services according to the existing registration events. As long as "this" is satisfied, it will trigger "that". But a large number of user feedback only needs to be triggered once, and do not continue to call notifications after the human intervention. Therefore, this is also true with our services. The server will intercept the event that triggers the trigger after human intervention with "that" devices. It is recommended to reuse the event after recreating the event through off/on or delete event.

8. If the issue still persists after the above problems have been eliminated, please provide us with relevant information (google accounts, app names, app accounts, app passwords, action names bound, device IDs, approximate time of occurrence), and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

If none of the above is true, please provide the device ID and contact us to help you troubleshoot the problem.