What if the device is offline?

1. Please confirm whether the device is energized;

2.Please confirm whether the device or the network has been cut off . If so, there is

a process to go online. Please check whether it is online after 2 minutes.

3. Please confirm the network is stable.(Check methods: put the phone or Ipad besides your device and make sure they’re in the same network environment, try to open a website to judge if the network can be used.)

4. Confirm whether the home Wi-Fi network is normal, or whether the Wi-Fi name and password have been modified. If so, remove the device and add it again.
PS:5G wifi is temporarily not supported, only 2.4G wifi can be used.

5. If the network is normal, but the device is still offline, check if there are too many Wi-Fi connections. .Please try to restart the router, wait 3 minutes and observe the status of the device;

6.Check if the firmware is the latest version, the App side checks the path: Me - Settings - About - Check for updates;

7. If all is normal after check, we recommend that you remove the device and add it again.(Device Removal Method: Open the App and enter the device control page, click "..." button which is in the top right corner, click on the bottom of the page "remove device") If there is still a problem, please provide your account for app,your router model, your country and the fault device id, we will handle it ASAP.