The Wi-Fi indicator light flashes quickly but network distribution unsuccessful

1) If the indicator light flashes quickly all the time

Please re-try or restart the Wi-Fi module. If it still does not work, please submit the model number of the router and the phone in Feedback, we will verify and process for you.

2) If the indicator light is out after the quick flash all the time

Please check if your phone can access the external network when connecting Wi-Fi, and check if the name and password for the Wi-Fi is correct in network distribution; please remove the device and re-try after confirmation.

3) The indicator light stays on after the quick flash
Please pair and test the network after removal, if it still does not work, please provide the information below in Feedback page, we will verify and proceed as soon as possible.

1: Name of app

2: Phone model

3: Name of router, please provide the pictures of both front and back of the router model

4: Information that is useful for us to check device information, such as product model

5: User's login account (without password)