How do I prevent voice control from failing when a third party is connected?

You are advised to take following steps to solve the problem:

1. Make sure the device supports this third-party control.You can click the "..." in the upper right corner of the device control page to enter the "Details of device" page, then you can see the supported third-parties of the device.

2. Make sure the device has been connected to the WAN(Internet).
Our WiFi device has two control modes: LAN control of WiFi and Mobile cellular data
(or other network). No matter whether the device is online or not, the app can control the device once both of them run on the same LAN (the device and app are connected to the same WiFi router in your house). So, You are advised to turn off wifi of your mobile and turn on cellular data, then refresh the device list to see whether the device is still online.

3. If the device is offline, check whether your WiFi works normally. If no, troubleshoot the router.

4. If your WiFi works normally and the device is offline (only for the case it has been normally connected previously, and the router's name and account information has not been changed), you are advised to shut down and reboot your device , and check whether the device gets online after about 30 secs.

5.We recommend that you try to rediscover the device/refresh device list to see if the device appears in the device list.

6. If the device is still offline, you are advised to delete the device and re-configure the network. Then, in the third-party access app (such as Alexa and Google Home), refresh the device list to show the device. The device can be controlled after it is shown.

​If the problem persists after you have tried above methods, please offer your device ID and app account for us to check the problem.