How do I connect my device to my WiFi Network?

There are two types of device network distribution, default mode (quick flash) and compatible mode (slow flash)

Default mode distribution network:

Compatibility mode distribution network:

The compatibility mode is one step longer than the default mode. Repeat step 3 again until the indicator light flashes slowly.

Device network distribution method (resetting method):

1) The device automatically enters the quick flash status after it is powered on for the first time. If the device has an indicator light, the light flashes; if the device has no indicator lights, such as bulbs, it flashes itself. If the device does not flash quickly, you are advised to log in the app and click " " in the top right corner, select the corresponding device type, and click to enter "Add Device" page. The notice of "How to Set the Indicator Light to Quick Flash" is above the "Confirm Indicator Is Flashing Fast" button, you may click to see the details;

2) If the product has an On-Off button but no Reset button, such as a socket, please press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the indicator light flashes quickly;

3) If the device has no switches, such as a light, please connect it to a light socket and operate the switch "On/Off" for 3 times, keep it on until the light flashes quickly;

4) If the product has a Reset button, generally you can just press the Reset button until the indicator light flashes quickly.
(Note: Pairing supports 2.4G network. 5G network is temporarily unavailable.)
Please see the device manual for details.
In the compatible mode, please reset the device after the quick flash until the indicator light flashes slowly.