Data Use Policy

1、Data usage limit

1.1、The use of data is limited to the business within the company, and the user group is limited to the authorized employees within the company.

1.2、In the process of use, strictly follow the API development agreement of Amazon's sales partner and use it appropriately.

1.3、Keep up to date on Amazon policies that pertain to specific APIs (such as the Merchant Fulfillment API, Orders API, and Reports API) or functionality that your Application provides (such as Buyer-Seller messaging).

1.4、Do not use Personally Identifiable Information about Amazon Customers for any purpose other than tax and merchant fulfillment. Restricted roles are provided exclusively for Tax Remittance, Tax invoicing or Direct-to-Consumer Shipping puproses.

2、 Focus on the quality and compliance of data use

2.1、Comply with all applicable laws including data privacy and data protection laws (e.g., GDPR, Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China).

2.2、Implement data integrity and validation checksz.

3、Keep data secure

      Account access

3.1. Never share keys or passwords.

3.2. Never share Amazon Portal usernames or password.

3.3. Only authorized internal employees can obtain account information , Employees need to apply to the company administrator for account information. 3.4. The secret key will be updated and reset regularly to ensure the security of the secret key, User accounts that are not in use in a fixed period will be recycled.

3.5. Different permissions will be set for each account according to the actual service access to ensure the security of the account.

     Data access

3.6. Do not request access to or retrieve information that is not necessary for company business. 3.7. Only grant access to data within own organization.  

3.8. Comply with the Data Protection Policy ("DPP"), which provides specific requirements on the receipt, storage, usage, transfer, and disposition of the data accessed through Selling Partner APIs.

4、Use data for acceptable purposes

    Data usage

4.1. Do not use Personally Identifiable Information about Amazon Customers for any purpose other than tax and merchant fulfillment.

4.2. Do not target Amazon Customers for product marketing or review fabrication and modification using data retrieved through Selling Partner APIs or any external (non-Amazon) data services.

4.3. Do not use, offer, or promote external (non-Amazon) data services that vend Information, including data retrieved from Amazon's public-facing websites. 4.4. Do not calculate insights about Amazon's business. Do not promote or publish insights about the Amazon's business publicly or through paid services including your Application.

4.5. According to Amazon MWS Developer Guide and data protection policy, the collected data is classified and identified to facilitate the subsequent establishment of corresponding access control, data encryption and decryption, data desensitization and other security control measures for different categories and levels of data. Encryption and integrity verification technology are used to ensure data security during data transmission; Regular maintenance for developers, monitoring abnormal usage in the process, forbidding access to Amazon information account and implementing account locking.

   Data sharing

4.6.Do not disclose information, individually labeled or aggregated, obtained through Selling Partner APIs on behalf of a Selling Partner to other Application users, affiliated entities, or any outside parties.

4.7.Data is not allowed to be shared to the external environment, only limited to the internal network.

4.8. Data sharing follows the principle of minimum authority and carries out fine-grained access control. The company will formulate regulations on the safe use of data, and internal personnel of the company must strictly abide by this regulation. Users will be assigned fixed roles, and users will use data based on role restrictions and access rights.