Smart Home, Bright Solutions

Starting in 2018, IBRIGHT has revolutionized the lighting, smart home technologies and home security industries with our smart home products, safety security systems, and smart lighting. We sell a wide range of products including our Smart Security Floodlight Camera, Smart Color Changing LED Light Bulbs, Recessed Downlights and Striplights, Dimmable LED Light Bulbs, Smart Switch and Smart Dimmer Switch, Smart Plugs, and many more to come in the future.

We at IBRIGHT believe any home can become a smart home with the new and advanced technologies that are coming to our way. Be able to control the appliances in your home from any location using our IBRIGHT app. No more are the days of worrying you left the curling iron on, you left the lights on in your house or you accidentally left the coffee maker running while you were running out the door. With IBRIGHT, you will be able to control your home lighting, security systems and home appliances with one easy touch. We want to create the ease and comfort of knowing your home is not only protected and well lit, but is also completely customized to your specific needs.