About Direct-to-Consumer Shipping And Tax Invoice , Tax Remittance

1、 about Direct-to-Consumer Shipping

Our company has the use scenario of MFN, which needs to deliver goods directly to consumers. On the other hand, it is convenient for inventory allocation and management. The specific processes of shipment marking and logistics sending are as follows:

After confirming the delivery information of the order and the detailed information of the package, such as type, weight, size and delivery date, label and package the goods according to the distribution method and carrier. The selected carrier, such as FedEx, UPS or USPS, uses the carrier's online tools to create the freight label, Each carrier will have its own online tool where we can create shipping labels that fit their specific requirements. Visit their website , fill out the label template and the download the file so we can then print it out , Then stick it on the package.

Packaging, long time transportation may cause damage to your products. To avoid damage to the goods during transportation, cushioning materials such as bubble film / bubble paper, paper (such as kraft paper), inflatable pad and polyethylene foam board will be filled according to the actual product conditions, so as to help shock absorption and protect the goods.

The carrier will pick up the package according to the order. During the delivery process, we can track the logistics and view the historical information through the carrier's website.

2、 Why do you need tax invoice and tax refund services

The company has its own fiscal and tax management system, which requires API to integrate tax invoice and tax refund information for effective management of fiscal and tax information. The fiscal and tax invoice and tax refund shall be subject to unified collection management and bookkeeping. Through data collection, the company can help the company obtain a complete financial perspective, report and analyze relevant data, and help with tax cost management and tax planning, On the other hand, it is convenient for tax declaration.

In addition, answer some questions:
   Tax Invoicing
    • For what orders will you generate tax invoices?
    • Justify why you need a tax invoicing mechanism other than the one already available through Seller Central.

    Answer:We have to do tax audit for each transaction on our sales tax as an requirement for reconcilation. So every order needs a tax invoice.In addition, I also mentioned above that we need a tax invoice mechanism, which is mainly from the perspective of the company's financial management. On the one hand, it can manage fiscal and tax information more efficiently and flexibly, on the other hand, it can help the company obtain tax data in real time and help better carry out tax cost management and tax planning

     •What are the regional tax requirements you need to comply with in order to generate tax invoices?

      Answer:  Mainly California local tax


3、 Do you use real or dummy data for your testing?

     During the development process, we will use real data for testing, and our application will only be called when data is needed. In addition, we will process the data generated by the test according to Amazon's data use requirements and the company's data use requirements, and our development and testing environment is isolated from the external environment in the intranet, which can only be accessed by internal personnel of the company.