Privacy and Data-handling Policies

Through a certain data processing strategy to ensure that the data can be used reasonably and safely in the process of collection, verification, storage, access and use, the data processing strategy must include a complete data life cycle, and the strategy must include data collection, cleaning and management.

-How to collect and process data

According to Amazon MWS Developer Guide and data protection policy, the collected data is classified and identified to facilitate the subsequent establishment of corresponding access control, data encryption and decryption, data desensitization and other security control measures for different categories and levels of data. Encryption and integrity verification technology are used to ensure data security during data transmission; Regular maintenance for developers, monitoring abnormal usage in the process, forbidding access to Amazon information account and implementing account locking.

-How to store data safely and reliably

In order to ensure the security and integrity of data storage and prevent data from being damaged and lost, the data storage design is carried out according to the data hierarchy and usage frequency, providing hot standby and cross regional data redundancy storage, and monitoring the storage middleware through monitoring methods such as probe and log monitoring, so as to timely alarm and deal with abnormal traffic.

-How to use and share data reasonably

First of all, data is not allowed to be shared to the external environment, only limited to the internal network. Data sharing follows the principle of minimum authority and carries out fine-grained access control. The company will formulate regulations on the safe use of data, and internal personnel of the company must strictly abide by this regulation. Users will be assigned fixed roles, and users will use data based on role restrictions and access rights.